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4th March 2022

10 Year Partnership Celebration – The Professional Fundraiser and Cats Protection

The Professional Fundraiser is delighted to be celebrating a decade of running nationwide campaigns for Cats Protection - the UK's largest feline welfare charity. 

We caught up with the Cats Protection team to hear their thoughts on the last 10 years, from their favourite memories with TPF to their vision for the development of our partnership in the future...

How has the partnership with The Professional Fundraiser grown over the last 10 years?

"Our partnership with The Professional Fundraiser (TPF) has gone from strength to strength over the past 10 years. We initially started with small scale acquisition which was quite new to Cats Protection and we now run Face to Face fundraising with The Professional Fundraiser as one of the main volume acquisition channels across our two most lucrative individual giving products. In coming years we only hope to grow this further, and we know The Professional Fundraiser will be key to supporting growth.

Over the years TPF have been engaged with the charity beyond expectations, of course ensuring fundraisers are compliant, close to the cause and translating this to supporters. Many of their fundraisers have worked on Cats Protection campaigns for years, which is testament to the connection they have built with Cats Protection. This goes beyond supporters and reaches internally amongst the whole TPF team – right across from fundraisers, venue management, training leads to the call advisors and the account managers. They have led on stand out concepts for the shows which have included attractive stands with mince pies, afternoon teas and Christmas post boxes. They’ve looked for venues that also are relevant, testing animal related shows and even the premier of Top Cat at the cinema. During changes in the law and shifts in the fundraising marketplace they have been enthusiastic to develop new ways of thinking and are always looking forward to further develop. One huge shift was when we moved towards digital capture of details on tablets from paper forms. This was a complicated process but they ensured we had a bespoke application that worked for everyone".

Do you have a specific memory about either The Professional Fundraiser or the campaign in the last 10 years?

"TPF have always gone the extra mile and thought differently about how they can best engage the public. A favourite memory is the work they put into recreating an entire living room for an exhibition stand at the Ideal Home Show. Truly innovative and an excellent way to engage supporters on our behalf".

How has your approach to face to face fundraising differed now from 10 years ago and how do you see public fundraising developing in the future?

"10 years ago Cats Protection was very new to Face to Face fundraising and hadn’t done any real recruitment at volume for Individual Giving. We were cautiously starting out to see how public fundraising would work for us and it was transformative to our database to recruit 6000 donors through Face to Face fundraising in 2012.

Today, Face to Face fundraising is a crucial part of our recruitment model – even with a pandemic! The global situation has certainly driven change in more recent years, in terms of approach and planning, and we’re sure public fundraising will continue to evolve and innovate in future years too".

How has Cats Protection changed in the last 10 years?

"Cats Protection has undergone huge change in the last 10 years – transformative really considering the scale of the charity and its fundraising has doubled since 2012. This change is continuing as we embrace our new strategy and approach to ensure we are doing everything we can to create a better world for cats in the coming years".

What do you enjoy most about working with The Professional Fundraiser?

"TPF are a pleasure to work with and are always happy to help with any queries or ideas put to them. We are always impressed with their professionalism and timeliness in undertaking tasks – especially during the pandemic. TPF were incredibly impressive being both proactive and reactive and were always as prepared as possible in an ever-changing situation. With their approach and quick decision making we were able to maximise income even under the trickiest circumstances. It’s a unique thing to have with an agency where even when presented with new and ever-changing issues you feel absolutely assured the best decision and processes are being made and followed".

How do you envision your fundraising strategy and your partnership with The Professional Fundraiser developing over the next 10 years?

"Our fundraising strategy is going from strength to strength. In 2020 we began work on an overall strategy project for Cats Protection and the role of the fundraising strategy within this is crucial. We are moving to being more insight and data-driven, innovating quickly to test and learn and investing in areas we know have strong returns. Over the next 10 years we have no doubt that our relationship with TPF will grow along with our fundraising strategy and income, remaining a key component in recruiting supporters at volume to our database".


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