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Digital Marketing


Digital constantly provides new opportunities to bring your charity’s cause to life – and in exciting and innovative ways. As digital platforms evolve, so do we, creating campaigns to suit all the latest trends.


With more people watching content on phones and tablets, we deliver relevant and effective campaigns into the palm of your supporters’ hands to ensure quick conversions.

Web development

Charity websites need to be all about income generation - our team of strategists, designers and developers will achieve the perfect balance of telling your charity's story and gaining funds. 

Social media

Fact: video gets the most engagement on social media. From older platforms such as YouTube to new kids on the block such as TikTok, it can grab new supporters in seconds.

Viral campaigns

For us, ‘going viral’ isn’t about likes and shares: it’s about donations and ROI. We create campaigns that really take off, and our strategy is all about relevance, timing and narrative.

Social advertising

Targeting preferred demographics is more sophisticated than ever before. Age, location, interests, online behaviour – all can be factors for the ideal recipient of our calls to action.

Email marketing

We create personalised, dynamic emails that look great on any device and prompt a response, whether to win new supporters or as part of a stewardship journey.

There is still a place for traditional emailers and DRTV, but there’s also a new world of influencers and social platforms that appeal to a younger audience and the donors of the future. It’s not just the channels though, it’s also about how this audience is viewing these platforms - with greater use of mobile devices over traditional television sets and desktops, there are even more opportunities to create immediate calls to action. KELVIN HOPKINS
Managing Director

In a technological world our approach to fundraising and creative is ‘Digital First’. Design and messaging are the face of your charity campaign but success is delivered as a result of strategy, testing, analytics and optimisation.


We develop and define digital strategies with clear KPIs – always with a deep understanding of the channels that work best to achieve the campaign’s goal. 

Content creation

We bring your content to life with video and graphics to inspire and drive engagement and, ultimately, to convert.


Digital is 24/7. In an environment that’s always on, it’s crucial that all posts and ads are timely, with real-time incremental adjustment and revisions to optimise performance.


We use A/B testing and audience insight to define fundraising strategies and optimise performance, so each piece of content works hard to achieve your objectives.

Media planning and buying

Working with our partner organisations we can source, buy and manage across all media channels for TV, radio and digital.


Accurate reporting maximises any campaign – we look at shares, likes, retweets and conversions to continuously inform strategy.

We said we take compliance seriously, and boy do we mean it! Our certifications are testament to the standards we adhere to and our commitment to ensuring only the best fundraising practice. 


  • Certified member of the Data & Marketing Association
  • ISO 9001 Quality Accredited
  • ISO 14001 Environment Accredited

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