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Face-to-face with The Royal British Legion

Multi-product nationwide fundraising campaigns and collateral design for The Royal British Legion

When The Royal British Legion approached The Professional Fundraiser to deliver their face-to-face campaigns they needed more than just experienced fundraisers, but a whole host of collateral to aid and compliment the donor experience.

27k New supporters
£10 Average gift
6.6% No show rate
37% First year attrition


With our experience in face-to-face and donor journeys and utilising the Legion’s existing brand guidelines we designed and wrote the copy for a thank you booklet containing Lyndon’s Story of how he had sustained injuries in combat and was helped by the charity’s Battle Back Centre, together with other information about the charity and how the donor’s continued support will help make a difference to serving and ex Service personnel and their families.  

Together with the donor collateral, our team designed all branded equipment from gazebos and pull-up banners to exhibition stands and podiums and followed these designs through to experiential stand concepts and branded promotional trailers for use in town and city centres, to help drive volume and to also create a more engaged donor experience.    


Our fundraisers work across private site venues including high-footfall shopping centres, town centres, railway stations, events and exhibitions, delivering over 25,000 new supporters for the charity every year. 

Our campaigns are driven by strategy and with a mix of Regular Giving, Poppy Supporter, and Lottery campaigns, our data team are constantly reviewing cancellation rates to forecast break-even, ROI and lifetime value. 

By analysing the success, demographics and attrition of the different products and donation values we’ve been able to tailor the campaigns and align the most suitable product to the most appropriate venue, continuously improving the success and quality of the campaign. 

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