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Face-to-face with Cats Protection

Almost a decade running nationwide campaigns for the UK’s largest feline welfare charity

The Professional Fundraiser has worked continuously on behalf of Cats Protection since February 2012, and is their only face-to-face fundraising partner throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

9 Years fundraising
£8m Increase in income
20k Lottery players
25k Cat sponsors


Cats Protection had never undertaken face-to-face fundraising prior to us starting with them in February 2012. Like so many charities they were naturally hesitant of any potential reputational risk but recognised that the channel was an excellent source for acquiring new donors. 

With a heightened degree of scrutiny and caution over this new fundraising channel, we set about to ensure our fundraising team created a professional and engaging donor experience together with added value, such as lead generation for legacy gifts. As well as the trustees, Cats Protection have a large local volunteer branch network unaccustomed to having a third-party agency contracted by their head office, fundraising in their vicinity. The need for a positive impression internally and externally was crucial to ensuring an open and collaborative relationship, and all fundraisers were well trained in responding to service user enquiries such as rehoming, neutering, education and volunteer enquiries, and signposting local branch contact details. 


Cats Protection has a very loyal following, but you’ve got to know where to look, and with growing campaigns year on year it was important to balance increased volume without diluting donor quality and ROI. 

In providing scalable campaigns and donor volume our fundraisers take to sites across the UK, not least in town centres where our branded gazebos and vehicles, designed by our own creative team, help to enhance and professionalise our presence.  

To ensure excellent donor quality, we’ve further applied insight and analytics to profile the most loyal and engaged donor base, attending specific events and exhibitions where we can directly target this audience. 

A number of shows are often off limits to charities but present a great opportunity for us to reach and talk directly with a specifically targeted donor demographic, and through strong relationships with event organisers our creative team design either one-off or re-useable stand concepts and promotional displays that allow the charity the opportunity to exhibit while complementing the season, nature and integrity of the show. 

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